Kikball Enterprises

“The Original Kikball”


The Original Kikball

The Original Kikball is a fun, dynamic, sports training system designed to promote eye-hand-foot coordination, hone reflexes, and promote a healthy lifestyle.

Whether it’s for soccer, hockey, or any number of sport-specific training -- or simply to have fun and keep mentally and physically fit, children and adults alike can stay active, and continue to practice skills away from practice and the pitch.

The Original Kikball's proprietary elastic allows our specially designed medium-hard balls to return in direct proportion to the force with which it’s kicked. 

Whether it’s for the budding athlete, the energetic teenager, or the mobile adult and beyond, the Original Kikball is a fantastic tool, a fantastic toy, and an even better gift. 

[* Not for use by children under the age of 4 without adult supervision. ]